Quiz Me! - Era: World War II

Test your knowledge about the World War II era.

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Which title best describes the sequence of events in this timeline?

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What was the significance of the Bataan Death March?

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Which is the best title for the chart above?

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The main features of the GI Bill of Rights were designed by which entity?

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The Marshall Plan has been called one of the most significant legislative actions taken in the modern era. This was George Marshall’s plan to do which of the following?

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Because of his care and compassion for those under his command, Omar Bradley was known as “the soldier’s general”. Which event happened as he commanded the soldiers of the 1st US Army?

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Which of the following belongs in the “Government” category of the table?

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Which occurred as a result of Truman’s decision to drop two atomic bombs?

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Which statement best describes the Lend-Lease Program?

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What is the name and purpose of the international organization described above?

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