Quiz Me! - Era: U.S. World Power

Test your knowledge about the U.S. Becomes a World Power era!

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Which of the following was NOT part of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points?

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Following the overthrow of the monarch of the kingdom of Hawaii, this notable person was named President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Hawaii.

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What happened as a result of the Zimmerman Telegram?

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Why was the Battle of Argonne Forest considered to be a turning point in World War I?

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This president proposed the League of Nations after World War I although the United States never joined. However, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1920 for his efforts.

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This republican senator strongly aligned with President Teddy Roosevelt, especially supporting US   expansion but often clashed with President Woodrow Wilson notably arguing strongly against the Treaty of Versaille and the League of Nations at the conclusion of World War I.

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What was the immediate cause of World War I?

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Which of the following gave the U.S. ready access to its new territorial acquisitions?

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What specific event drew the Americans into World War I?

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Which event is an example of unrestricted submarine warfare during World War I?

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