Quiz Me! - Era: U.S. World Power

Test your knowledge about the U.S. Becomes a World Power era!

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Why was the Battle of Argonne Forest considered to be a turning point in World War I?

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What was the significance of the territorial acquisitions of Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico?

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Which U.S. Supreme Court case established the “clear and present danger” test?

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Wilson’s Fourteen Points attempted to

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Schenck v. United States established

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This Congressional Medal of Honor recipient received this award for his bravery during World War I, although originally,  he was a pacifist.

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This future World War I general gained his military experience fighting in the Indian wars, with the Buffalo Soldiers, in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, and in Mexico searching for Pancho Villa.

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How did President Woodrow Wilson influence the Paris Peace Conference?

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Why did the United States Senate choose not to ratify the Treaty of Versailles?

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What was the significance of the sinking of the Lusitania?

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