Quiz Me! - The Constitution

The constitution defines the structure of the government
and their jurisdictions and the basic rights of citizens

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Congress may NOT

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Jill was punished at school for smoking in the restroom. Her punishment was a three day suspension. When she told her parents, they were livid and said that the school’s punishment was too lenient. They took away her nearly new convertible Mustang and said she could not drive for two months. Now, Jill was livid. In her civics class, she had been studying the Bill of Rights. Of course, she was a bit confused, thinking that her constitutional protections applied to her current situation. Still, with great sounding authority she announced that the grounding was illegal because the parents actions

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Believe it or not, there is a provision in Article VI dealing with

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A common theme of the Brutus Essays is the new national government

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The right to petition the government for redress of grievances is found in

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The only place in the entire United States Constitution where an exact amount of money is mentioned is in ____ . The amount is ____.

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Three persons wrote what is now called The Federalist Papers. Who was NOT one of the authors?

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In one of the earliest cases the Supreme Court heard and decided involving “the free exercise clause,” the Court determined that an individual has an absolute right to believe anything or nothing in terms of religion but not an absolute right to act on or practice that belief. The issue in Reynolds v. United States (1878) was

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Which of the Articles was effectively amended with the passage and ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment?

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How did the Twenty-Third Amendment impact voting rights in Washington DC?

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