Quiz Me! - The Constitution

The constitution defines the structure of the government
and their jurisdictions and the basic rights of citizens

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The author of Federalist 10 acknowledged that that nothing could be done to correct the major problem discussed in Federalist 10. The primary solution he proposes is

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Which word is NOT synonymous with the idea of republicanism?

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Who was the first president limited by the terms of the Twenty-Second Amendment?

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Article 1, Sec 10 of the US Constitution prohibits the Congress from creating titles of nobility or taxing exports. What principle is best illustrated by these provisions?

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In several instances in recent years, the Supreme Court has overturned defendants’ convictions because in the Court’s view, the defendants had

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A little known fact about the Constitutional Convention is that

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One of the important rights afforded one accused of a crime is the

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Which statement regarding the Twenty-Sixth Amendment is TRUE?

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Which of the following actions is prohibited by the privileges and immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment?

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Which happened as a direct result of the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment?

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