Quiz Me! - The Constitution

The constitution defines the structure of the government
and their jurisdictions and the basic rights of citizens

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Which institution has likely done the most to protect individual rights throughout our nation’s history?

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One of the most important uses of the amendment process has been to overrule a decision of the U. S. Supreme Court. How many of the twenty-seven amendments added to the Constitution have been added for that precise purpose?

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Which event settled the debate over nullification?

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The author of Federalist 10 acknowledged that that nothing could be done to correct the major problem discussed in Federalist 10. The primary solution he proposes is

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Originally, grand juries served

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The Twentieth Amendment adjusted inauguration of the new Congress and President to January from what month?

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives is

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According to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, how will a vacancy in the Vice Presidency be filled?

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For a bill to become a law, it

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The prosecuting attorney excluded all African American potential jurors from participating in the trial of an African American accused of a felony. The attorney for the defendant objected. His objection was based on the fact that

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