Quiz Me! - Era: Roaring 20's

Test your knowledge about the Roaring 20's!

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Why was the Scopes Trial significant?

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Which entrepreneur was responsible for the revolutionary improvements above?

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What doctrine did the Court use to apply the 1st Amendment free speech right to the states?

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Which title best explains the factors above?

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What was the significance of the Great Migration?

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What effect did Henry Ford’s improvements in the automobile industry have on the nation?

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The 29th US  President was a conservative who wanted to decrease the role of government in the economy but also increase tariffs on imported goods in order to protect American business. He died halfway through his first term in office before a major scandal broke that has since tarnished his presidency. That scandal was known as -

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Which place in New York City attracted vaudeville musicians, actors, and dancers who hoped to audition and sell their acts and music?

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The work of Alice Paul and other women suffragists resulted in the passage in 1920 of the -

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What happened as a result of Russia’s withdrawal from World War I?

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