Quiz Me! - Era: Roaring 20's

Test your knowledge about the Roaring 20's!

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Which of the following are associated with the development of American Jazz?

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What is the best title for the list above?

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What was a major cause of the Palmer Raids?

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Which city is best known for being the home of Tin Pan Alley?

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Which best completes the outline above?

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Clarence Darrow was both a lawyer and civil rights advocate. He became notable because of his defense of a public school teacher accused of violating the Butler Act. Darrow’s arguments are considered a landmark defense of the

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Why was the Scopes Trial significant?

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Which place in New York City attracted vaudeville musicians, actors, and dancers who hoped to audition and sell their acts and music?

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What was the significance of the Great Migration?

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What effect did Henry Ford’s improvements in the automobile industry have on the nation?

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