Quiz Me! - Era: Progressive Era

Test your knowledge about the Progressive Era!

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The Pure Food and Drug Act was adopted in which time period?

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This 1895 report was written by Ida B. Wells and became the first documented statistical report about the crime of lynching.

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W.E.B. DuBois is most closely associated with which movement?

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Creating national parks, expanding eminent domain, fighting  for a “square deal” for Americans, this president was known for using the “bully pulpit” to make his ideas happen.

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The Meat Inspection Act applied to which of the following?

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The authority of the Congress to establish a Bank of the United States is derived from which U. S. Supreme Court decision?

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Which of the following are supervised by the National Park Service?

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What was the significance of the 18th Amendment?

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This notable progressive used his right to freedom of the press to bring about change with his novel, The Jungle.

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This militant suffragist alienated some suffragists with more moderate views by actions such as burning President Woodrow Wilson’s speeches, a daily picket in front of the White House and beginning a H unger strike while she was in jail for a peaceful march for Women’s suffrage.

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