Quiz Me! - Era: Progressive Era

Test your knowledge about the Progressive Era!

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This notable woman was the first woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work promoting the rights of children, African Americans, and women and her work in the peace movement during World War I.

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What was the significance of the 18th Amendment?

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After working hard to pass the Nineteenth Amendment, Carrie Chapman Catt then founded the -

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Which of the following resulted from the ratification of the 18th Amendment?

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Which of the following laws was the 1st consumer protection law?

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This militant suffragist alienated some suffragists with more moderate views by actions such as burning President Woodrow Wilson’s speeches, a daily picket in front of the White House and beginning a H unger strike while she was in jail for a peaceful march for Women’s suffrage.

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Which of the following are supervised by the National Park Service?

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Women’s suffrage was granted in 1920 with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment during this president’s administration.

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The Meat Inspection Act applied to which of the following?

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Who is this past president whose motto “Speak softly and carry a big stick. ” described his philosophy on foreign policy?

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