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Who are the most influential figures in American history?
Find out right here! Learn about them all by eras of history.

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Born in 1955, this philanthropist and his wife established a foundation that provides money for education, world health, and invests in low income communities.

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Jonathan Trumbull Sr. was a strong supporter of George Washington and the American Revolution. He was a colonial governor who remained in power after independence was declared. What state was he from?

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Which governor ordered his state’s National Guard to stop nine young African-American students from integrating Little Rock High School?

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John Hancock and Samuel Adams organized this event in opposition of the British.

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Dying just five days after the end of the Scopes Monkey Trial, this notable person believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible and argued against Clarence Darrow.

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He was the author of Common Sense, which encouraged colonial independence.

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George Marshall served the United States militarily and diplomatically. Which of the following is not an accomplishment of George Marshall?

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Because of his care and compassion for those under his command, Omar Bradley was known as “the soldier’s general”. Which event happened as he commanded the soldiers of the 1st US Army?

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Women’s suffrage was granted in 1920 with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment during this president’s administration.

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The person whose company built the largest fleet of airplanes used during World War I and manufactured a seaplane that was the first to be able to take off and land on the deck of a ship was also known as the “Father of Naval Aviation.”

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