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Who are the most influential figures in American history?
Find out right here! Learn about them all by eras of history.

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She was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634 for leading a prayer group in her home and for criticizing the teachings of colonial ministers.

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This president proposed the League of Nations after World War I although the United States never joined. However, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1920 for his efforts.

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This future World War I general gained his military experience fighting in the Indian wars, with the Buffalo Soldiers, in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, and in Mexico searching for Pancho Villa.

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Frances Willard is a reformer most closely associated with

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In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson asked Congress for expanded war powers to fight the spread of communism in Vietnam. This was known as the

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This US   President issued Executive Order 9066 authorizing forced internment of Japanese-Americans which was later upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States.

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Who was the grandson of the first African-American  landowner in New Hampshire?

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In his opinions as Supreme Court Justice, which of the following was a Constitutional interpretation of Hugo Black?

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd US  President, took office during the Great Depression and proposed several programs to bring relief to Americans. These programs and agencies are collectively known as the-

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Why was Philip Bazaar awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

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