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Who are the most influential figures in American history?
Find out right here! Learn about them all by eras of history.

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This charismatic speaker was the first Democrat elected to the House of Representatives from Nebraska and later spoke at the 1896 Democratic National Convention. He later ran for president three times, all unsuccessfully.

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Roger Sherman believed that Congress should have the power to select the President. He felt that which branch should have the most power?

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Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Flying Cross in the United States, this aviator was also later awarded a German Medal of Honor in 1938 which was criticized by many Nazi critics in America.

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A member of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, this African American was the first to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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This Founding Father was the only Catholic serving in the U.S. Senate once the Constitution was ratified.

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Through dedication and hard work, Estee Lauder was able to develop what kind of business?

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Creating a mass production system which used standardized parts, a division of labor, and assembly lines, this person revolutionized the auto industry.

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As an Anti-Federalist, George Mason ________________ the Constitution of the United States because it did not include a Bill of Rights.

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This individual was awarded both the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroics saving his friends and members of a Special Forces team in the Vietnam War

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One of the three authors of The Federalist Papers, along with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

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