Quiz Me! - People: Progressive Era

Test your knowledge about people in the Progressive Era!

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Jane Addams created a settlement house to help poor immigrants who had come to Chicago. This settlement house provided education, day and after-school care for children of working mothers among other things such as an art gallery and library to name a few.  This facility was known as -

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The authority of the Congress to establish a Bank of the United States is derived from which U. S. Supreme Court decision?

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The Federal Reserve System today is supervised by which of the following?

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This notable woman was the first woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work promoting the rights of children, African Americans, and women and her work in the peace movement during World War I.

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This notable progressive used his right to freedom of the press to bring about change with his novel, The Jungle.

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Who is this past president whose motto “Speak softly and carry a big stick. ” described his philosophy on foreign policy?

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This notable person was the first African American to receive a PhD from Harvard and later went on to help cofound the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

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Which of the following laws was the 1st consumer protection law?

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Which of the following novels was a major catalyst for the Meat Inspection Act.?

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The Pure Food and Drug Act was adopted in which time period?

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