Quiz Me! - People: Gilded Age

Test your knowledge about people in the Gilded Age!

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Dying just five days after the end of the Scopes Monkey Trial, this notable person believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible and argued against Clarence Darrow.

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After building a successful American steel company, this notable Scotsman dedicated his later years to helping those less fortunate.

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How did Thomas Edison both demonstrate and protect his economic rights?

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Creating the Ford Motor Company in the early 1900’s , Henry Ford introduced an affordable car line that became so popular in ten years that over one half of the cars in the United States were this type of car.

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Frances Willard is a reformer most closely associated with

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In order to create their famous invention, Wilbur and Orville Wright engaged in a great deal of research and testing of -

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After building a successful business in his early years, Andrew Carnegie focused his attention in his later life on philanthropy and encouraged those with wealth to give away that wealth to worthy causes. His philosophy was known as

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December 17, 1903 marks the date of the -

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Creating a mass production system which used standardized parts, a division of labor, and assembly lines, this person revolutionized the auto industry.

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Registering over 1,000 patents for his many inventions, this notable person had difficult beginnings, including being deaf in one ear and   very little schooling.

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