Quiz Me! - People: Foundation of a Nation

Test your knowledge about people in the Foundation of a Nation era!

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Thomas Jefferson did not take part in the Constitutional Convention because he was serving as a minister to which country?

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Who was the delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland that signed the Declaration of Independence and was the last surveying signer?

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This Founding Father was suspicious of a strong governmental power. He signed the Declaration of Independence and helped to write the Massachusetts Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.

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Richard Henry Lee introduced the “Lee Resolution” that led to the writing and adoption of what document?

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James Otis championed a natural rights theory, asserting the right to private property was inalienable. These principles were later included in which constitutional amendment  ?

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Who was the African-American  slave spy who was George Washington’s most effective weapon against the British during the American Revolution?

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Marquis de Lafayette helped the Americans fight against Great Britain by securing support from which country?

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Patriot leader, James Otis fought against the British writs of assistance citing the traditional rights of Englishmen included:

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Benjamin Rush was a physician who was also appointed as Treasurer of the Mint in 1799. He was later instrumental in the reconciliation of the friendship of which two men?

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Mercy Otis Warren believed in the natural rights theory expressed in the Declaration of Independence. She argued against the U.S. Constitution, and most of her complaints were addressed in the Bill of Rights except what?

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