Quiz Me! - People: Foundation of a Nation

Test your knowledge about people in the Foundation of a Nation era!

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He was the author of Common Sense, which encouraged colonial independence.

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James Otis championed a natural rights theory, asserting the right to private property was inalienable. These principles were later included in which constitutional amendment  ?

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Known for his outsized signature on the Declaration of Independence, this member of the Boston Sons of Liberty helped finance activities against the British.

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Who was the grandson of the first African-American  landowner in New Hampshire?

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George Washington accepted Cornwallis’ surrender at which battle to end the Revolutionary War?

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She was a supporter of independence who wrote satirical plays criticizing the Massachusetts royal governor, published documents calling for equal rights for women and is sometimes called “The Conscience of the American Revolution.”

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Who was the Founding Father that defended, in court, the British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre?

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Patriot leader, James Otis fought against the British writs of assistance citing the traditional rights of Englishmen included:

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Who was the Founding Father that drafted the Massachusetts Constitution and Declaration of Rights, served in the Continental Congress and was a member of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence?

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As the only colonial governor to support the American cause and General Washington, He  was allowed to remain as Governor of Connecticut after independence was declared.

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