Quiz Me! - People: Contemporary America

Test your knowledge about people in the Contemporary America era!

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The development of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows program had what effect?

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How did Robert Johnson become the first African-American billionaire?

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In 1974, The Supreme Court denied President Richard Nixon’s claim of “executive privilege” in United States v. Nixon. What resulted from this ruling?

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Who was responsible for founding the Republican National Coalition for Life and advocated for its ideas as a plank in the Republican platform?

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Which item was not one of the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton?

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Sandra Day O’Connor was often the swing vote during her tenure as a Supreme Court Justice. She developed a test to determine violations of the Establishment Clause. This test was called

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Through dedication and hard work, Estee Lauder was able to develop what kind of business?

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Which of the following was not part of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy strategies?

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When elected a United States Senator by the state of New York, this person became the first former First Lady to be elected as a U.S. government official

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Which religious leader and spiritual advisor to many U.S. Presidents claimed that the fight against communism was the ultimate fight between good and evil?

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