Quiz Me! - People: Contemporary America

Test your knowledge about people in the Contemporary America era!

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Sam Walton established successful business practices of employee inclusion as he built which retail giant?

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After graduating from Harvard Law School, Barack Obama did which of the following?

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Which political office did Barack Obama not hold?

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Which of the following was not a policy of President Ronald Regan?

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How did Robert Johnson become the first African-American billionaire?

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Sandra Day O’Connor was often the swing vote during her tenure as a Supreme Court Justice. She developed a test to determine violations of the Establishment Clause. This test was called

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Born in 1955, this philanthropist and his wife established a foundation that provides money for education, world health, and invests in low income communities.

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The following are true of Robert Johnson except:

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The publishing giant, William Randolph Hearst, helped propel Billy Graham to fame by

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Lionel Sosa’s learned work ethic and artistic ability helped him to

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