Quiz Me! - People: Contemporary America

Test your knowledge about people in the Contemporary America era!

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Phyllis Schlafly was a leader in the conservative movement and an opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her book, A Choice not an Echo, detailed

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President Ronald Regan made history when he nominated an individual to be the first female

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In 1974, The Supreme Court denied President Richard Nixon’s claim of “executive privilege” in United States v. Nixon. What resulted from this ruling?

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Which political office did Barack Obama not hold?

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After overcoming a rough childhood, Oprah Winfrey’s successful television career spanned decades and included all of the following except:

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Lionel Sosa’s learned work ethic and artistic ability helped him to

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The development of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows program had what effect?

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Which of the following was not part of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy strategies?

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Who was responsible for founding the Republican National Coalition for Life and advocated for its ideas as a plank in the Republican platform?

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The publishing giant, William Randolph Hearst, helped propel Billy Graham to fame by

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