Quiz Me! - People: Civil Rights

Test your knowledge about people in the Civil Rights era!

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This document written by Martin Luther King, Jr. is considered the manifesto of the civil rights movement

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The Black Panthers advocated for all of the following except:

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In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson asked Congress for expanded war powers to fight the spread of communism in Vietnam. This was known as the

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Who was the first Mexican American to receive the American Medal of Freedom?

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What landmark piece of legislation banned racial discrimination in public accommodations such as restaurants and hotels?

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Who is known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?

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Based upon the First Amendment freedom of assembly, Cesar Chavez founded what organization in 1962?

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Who was the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, often referred to as the Great Dissenter?

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After defying law that required desegregation, Lester Maddox used the publicity to

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What did President Eisenhower do to prevent the Governor of Arkansas from blocking nine African American students from entering a formerly all-white public school?

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