Quiz Me! - People: Civil Rights

Test your knowledge about people in the Civil Rights era!

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Often seen as the founder of the modern conservative movement within the Republican Party, Barry Goldwater lost in a landslide election to which U.S. President?

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Delores Huerta saw the hunger and poverty associated with immigrant workers and their children. As a result she

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Which of the following is true about Cesar Chavez?

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The Black Panthers were

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Under what authority did Congress pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

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The Black Panthers advocated for all of the following except:

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Who chose to close his restaurant rather than comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

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What did President Eisenhower do to prevent the Governor of Arkansas from blocking nine African American students from entering a formerly all-white public school?

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After the passage of The American Indian Citizenship Act, many Native Americans…

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Which governor ordered his state’s National Guard to stop nine young African-American students from integrating Little Rock High School?

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