Quiz Me! - All Eras: People and Events

Test your knowledge about the people and events in all eras.

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In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson asked Congress for expanded war powers to fight the spread of communism in Vietnam. This was known as the

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Which Great American novel described the lives of agricultural workers during the Dust Bowl?

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Which of the following was a reason that the Klondike Gold Rush came to an end?

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How did President Woodrow Wilson influence the Paris Peace Conference?

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What is the best title for the historical event described above?

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How did President Carter respond to the Iran Hostage Crisis?

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Which statement best describes the 1970 event known as Kent State?

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Which event completes the graphic organizer above?

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Thomas Hobbes’ landmark work of political philosophy writing that people must enter into a compact for their safety was titled:

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Why did President Truman fire General MacArthur?

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