Quiz Me! - Era: Growth of a Nation

Test your knowledge about the Growth of a Nation era!

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Which of the following is not part of the Judiciary Act of 1789?

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What is one major precedent George Washington set during his Farewell Address in 1796?

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The Monroe Doctrine, adopted during James Monroe’s presidency, provided that the Western Hemisphere should be free from future European colonization and the U.S. should do what with European wars?

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Which of the following is the best definition of “judicial review?”

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Why was the Sedition Act of 1789 passed?

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In George Washington’s First Inaugural Address who does he say is responsible for the success of the new nation?

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Why was the Judiciary Act of 1789 necessary?

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What were the results of the Election of 1800?

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Andrew Jackson oversaw legislation which resulted in 46,000 American Indians being removed from their homes. During their move West, many died on what has become known as what?

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What law, passed by Congress and signed by President Andrew Jackson, resulted in the “Trail of Tears?”

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