Quiz Me! - Era: Great Depression

Test your knowledge about the Great Depression.

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Which challenge did FDR address in his first Fireside Chat?

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What was the purpose of the popular Fireside Chats?

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Which department in FDR’s cabinet played the key role in influencing FDR to support the Social Security Act.

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FDR’s 1st inaugural address focused on the national government’s response to what crisis?

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What was the Securities Exchange Commission designed to prevent?

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What caused the Stock Market Crash?

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Which of the following laws passed during the New Deal period still applies to U.S. citizens?

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Which New Deal reform designed to provide oversight of financial markets and give investors accurate information is still in place today?

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What was the significance of the Tennessee Valley Authority?

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Frustrated that the Supreme Court was overturning New Deal legislation, Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed that

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