Quiz Me! - Era: Great Depression

Test your knowledge about the Great Depression.

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Which of the following laws passed during the New Deal period still applies to U.S. citizens?

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 32nd US  President, took office during the Great Depression and proposed several programs to bring relief to Americans. These programs and agencies are collectively known as the-

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What was the purpose of the popular Fireside Chats?

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What was the significance of the Tennessee Valley Authority?

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What was the Securities Exchange Commission designed to prevent?

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What is an underlying reason President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to extend his reforms to the judicial branch?

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Which department in FDR’s cabinet played the key role in influencing FDR to support the Social Security Act.

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What caused the Stock Market Crash?

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Which set of FDR’s proposed reforms during the Great Depression received the greatest criticism?

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Which New Deal reform designed to provide oversight of financial markets and give investors accurate information is still in place today?

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