Quiz Me! - Era: Foundation of a Nation

Test your knowledge about the Foundation of a Nation era!

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What is a major influence of the English Petition of Right on the American government?

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Richard Henry Lee introduced the “Lee Resolution” that led to the writing and adoption of what document?

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This man, along with Robert Morris, helped to finance the American Revolution.

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Benjamin Franklin purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette and in 1732 published the first edition of what publication?

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Known for his outsized signature on the Declaration of Independence, this member of the Boston Sons of Liberty helped finance activities against the British.

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George Washington accepted Cornwallis’ surrender at which battle to end the Revolutionary War?

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What does it mean to “establish laws for the general good of the colony”?

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Crispus Attucks was the first of five unarmed men who were shot down by British Redcoats in what famous event that led to the American Revolution?

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Mercy Otis Warren believed in the natural rights theory expressed in the Declaration of Independence. She argued against the U.S. Constitution, and most of her complaints were addressed in the Bill of Rights except what?

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Jonathan Trumbull Sr. was a strong supporter of George Washington and the American Revolution. He was a colonial governor who remained in power after independence was declared. What state was he from?

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