Quiz Me! - Era: Foundation of a Nation

Test your knowledge about the Foundation of a Nation era!

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John Paul Jones is known for what famous quote, which became a slogan for the U.S. Navy?

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What was the first Constitution of the United States?

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He was the author of Common Sense, which encouraged colonial independence.

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Richard Henry Lee introduced the “Lee Resolution” that led to the writing and adoption of what document?

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Marquis de Lafayette helped the Americans fight against Great Britain by securing support from which country?

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John Hancock and Samuel Adams organized this event in opposition of the British.

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This city is named in honor of Bernardo de Gálvez

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What is the most significant portion of the Northwest Ordinance?

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Who was the English Jurist who wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England?

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This document, signed during King George III’s rule, ended the Revolutionary War and confirmed the independence of the United States.

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