Quiz Me! - Events: Cold War

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Which title best represents the graphic organizer above?

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Which event symbolized the end of the Cold War?

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Which event brought about the official end of the Vietnam War as North Vietnamese troops took control of South Vietnam’s capital.

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What was the significance of the Fall of Saigon?

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Which title best describes the event above?

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Which Secretary of State was responsible for the cease-fire negotiations known as the Paris Peace Accords?

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Which statement best describes the 1970 event known as Kent State?

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Which event that occurred on a college campus inspired Neil Young’s 1970 protest song,"Ohio" and the words, “Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming”?

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Who was responsible for the policy known as Vietnamization the plan to equip and train South Vietnamese forces while phasing out U.S. troops in Vietnam?

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What was the plan to equip and train South Vietnamese forces while gradually pulling out U.S. troops called?

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Which event correctly identifies the surprise attacks launched by the Vietcong in January 1968 that led to North Vietnam gaining temporary control of the American Embassy in Saigon?

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Which statement best describes the turning point known as the Tet Offensive?

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Which is the best title for the graphic organizer above?

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Which was most responsible for the anti-war movement?

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Which president was responsible for the effects above?

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Which incident caused congress to authorize the president to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack”?

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Which two presidents were the first to send military advisors and aid to South Vietnam?

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Which is the best title for the events listed above?

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Which best describes the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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What prompted the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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Who led the first successful communist revolution in the Western Hemisphere?

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Which event best describes the failed invasion of Cuba?

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Which title best describes the list above?

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Which event started the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union?

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Why did Franklin Roosevelt establish the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in 1938?

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Who is best known for developing the polio vaccine?

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Why were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg important figures in U.S. history?

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Which individual called for a series of Senate hearings that kicked off a new round of paranoia and accusations about the loyalty of Americans in all walks of life?

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Which respected U.S. government official was convicted of perjury and sentenced to prison?

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What was the significance of the House Un-American Activities Committee?

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Which leader fulfilled an election promise by ending the Korean War?

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Which statement best describes the outcome of the Korean War?

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Why did President Truman fire General MacArthur?

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What happened as a result of the disagreement between President Truman and General MacArthur over the best course of action to take in Korea?

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What was the purpose of the Demilitarized Zone known as the DMZ?

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Why were U.S. troops ordered to Korea in June of 1950?

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Which event supplied hostages with nearly two million tons of food and supplies?

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Which event caused the United States to organize the Berlin Airlift?

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Which American president recognized the state of Israel the same day it was created in 1948?

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What effect did the creation of Israel have on the Middle East?

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