Quiz Me! - Documents/Cases: Foundation of a Nation

Test your knowledge about documents and Supreme Court cases in the Foundation of a Nation era!

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Which document did the Virginia Declaration of Rights have the greatest impact on?

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What did the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom accomplish?

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To become a lawyer in the American colonies, most read which of the following?

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Why did the people of England create the English Petition of Right in 1628?

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All of the following are sections within the Declaration of Independence EXCEPT:

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Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?

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What are the key ideas in the Second Treatise of Civil Government of 1690 that influenced the American founding documents?

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What was the first Constitution of the United States?

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Who wrote the Second Treatise of Civil Government in 1690?

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What is a major influence of the English Petition of Right on the American government?

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