Quiz Me! - Documents and Supreme Court Cases

Here you can review many of the most important
original historical documents in American history

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The authority of the Congress to establish a Bank of the United States is derived from which U. S. Supreme Court decision?

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What allowed individuals to claim 160 acres of non-occupied land by paying a nominal fee and living on the land for 5 years?

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Why was the Albany Plan of Union rejected by the colonies?

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In Tinker v. Des Moines School Board, the Supreme Court ruled that:

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What does George Washington mean by the “Invisible Hand” he references in his First Inaugural Address?

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Which Supreme Court decision applied the Exclusionary Doctrine to the states?

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JFK’s Inaugural Address was heavily influenced by what political situation?

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The Bakke decision held that:

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Why was Common Sense so influential for the American Revolution?

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The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the executive internment order, arguing the President possessed this governmental power during a time of “emergency and peril.” The author of the decision was one of the most liberal Justices in Court history. He was:

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