Quiz Me! - Era: Contemporary America

Test your knowledge about the Contemporary America era.

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“Beauty is an attitude. There’s no secret. There are no ugly women - only women who don’t care or don’t believe they are attractive.” Which American entrepreneur is attributed to this quote?

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Lemon v. Kurtzman concluded that public money to parochial and nonpublic schools violated what provision of the 1st Amendment?

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Griswold v. Connecticut asserted that the right to privacy is inherent in which amendments found in the Bill of Rights?

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What future Supreme Court Justice represented Clarence Gideon in his case before the Supreme Court?

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Which state’s anti-abortion law was challenged in Roe v. Wade?

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The burning of the U.S. flag in Texas v. Johnson took place at what event?

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Which 1st Amendment right did Engel v. Vitale rule had been violated?

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The New York Times advertisement in the Sullivan case referred to what specific movement then ongoing in the South?

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In Ronald Regan’s First Inaugural Address he made clear which of the following:

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Lionel Sosa’s learned work ethic and artistic ability helped him to

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