Quiz Me! - Era: Contemporary America

Test your knowledge about the Contemporary America era.

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Baker v. Carr overturned the application of the “political question” doctrine to which area of jurisprudence?

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Lemon v. Kurtzman concluded that public money to parochial and nonpublic schools violated what provision of the 1st Amendment?

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The academic and legal accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayer include all of the following except:

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Grutter v. Bollinger revisited the issue decided 25 years earlier in the Bakke case. What was the issue?

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Sam Walton established successful business practices of employee inclusion as he built which retail giant?

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U.S. v Lopez addressed the constitutionality of Congressional legislation creating Gun-Free School Zones. The Court rejected the congressional argument that Congress had the authority to do so under what constitutional clause?

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What does the USA Patriot Act stand for?

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When Chief Justice Earl Warren retired, which Supreme Court decision made during his tenure on the Court (1953-1969) did he regard as the most significant?

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What is the purpose of the War Powers Resolution of 1973?

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Lionel Sosa’s learned work ethic and artistic ability helped him to

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