Quiz Me! - Era: Civil Rights

Test your knowledge about the Civil Rights era.

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What landmark piece of legislation banned racial discrimination in public accommodations such as restaurants and hotels?

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Which U.S. Supreme Court case struck down racial segregation in higher education (colleges)?

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After the passage of The American Indian Citizenship Act, many Native Americans…

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In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson asked Congress for expanded war powers to fight the spread of communism in Vietnam. This was known as the

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Based upon the First Amendment freedom of assembly, Cesar Chavez founded what organization in 1962?

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What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 accomplish?

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Who is known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?

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Delores Huerta saw the hunger and poverty associated with immigrant workers and their children. As a result she

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Which is not an effect of the work of Betty Friedan?

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Thurgood Marshall was denied entrance to law school by Maryland’s university school of law because of his race. Once a lawyer, he successfully challenged this policy in which civil rights case?

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