Quiz - Civic Values and Skills

Learn more how civic values and skills provide the
foundation to participate as a responsible citizen.

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Which of the following historic documents did NOT praise the idea of equality?

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Which of the following is a good example of consideration?

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One reason the framers designated federal judges to serve for life was to

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In a parliamentary system ________________ is the head of state whereas in a presidential system , __________________ will serve in this position.

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Which of the following statements regarding the responsibilities of citizenship is INCORRECT?

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The fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth amendments all contain provisions that protect against the overreach of the government in cases of criminal prosecutions. Which civic value is best preserved through these provisions?

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The president campaigned on the promise of not increasing taxes on the middle class. Once elected, Congress passes a tax that will raise taxes on this group of people. If the president refuses to sign the bill even though he knows his veto will be overridden, which value is he best exercising in this action?

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“We are all doubtless bound to contribute a certain portion of our income to the support of charitable and other useful public institutions.” -Thomas Jefferson

Which civic value was Jefferson referencing in the quote above?

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Which of the following can be a positive result of acting in a courageous manner?

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Which civic value is best served by the implementation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause?

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