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In a letter to the Letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, the author wrote that the Establishment clause created “a wall of separation between church and state.” Who was the author?

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Why was the District of Columbia given 3 electoral votes by the Twenty Third Amendment?

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Why is it important to exercise consideration when operating under freedom of speech?

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Together the House of Representatives and the Senate comprise a(n)

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The only place in the entire United States Constitution where an exact amount of money is mentioned is in ____ . The amount is ____.

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President Ronald Regan made history when he nominated an individual to be the first female

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While young people under the age of 18 are not yet able to vote, they can still contribute to society by performing acts of _______________________.

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How did the Fifteenth Amendment impact the electorate?

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What did President Eisenhower do to prevent the Governor of Arkansas from blocking nine African American students from entering a formerly all-white public school?

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Why might historians argue that Patrick’s Henry’s speech isn’t accurate?

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