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Texas wishes to tax all imports into the state coming across the border from Mexico in order to fully fund public schools in the state. Which of the following statements is most nearly correct?

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William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech is credited with helping him win…

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After defying law that required desegregation, Lester Maddox used the publicity to

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Which is not an effect of the work of Betty Friedan?

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The Monroe Doctrine, adopted during James Monroe’s presidency, provided that the Western Hemisphere should be free from future European colonization and the U.S. should do what with European wars?

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What was the first protection of the Bill of Rights to be incorporated and applied to the state and local governments?

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Because of his articulate defense of American liberty, this author of “The Liberty Song” is known as the “Penman of the Revolution.”

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He was born in Scotland and became the president of Princeton University, requiring students to take a course called Moral Philosophy.

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In order to bypass the Senate’s power to ratify treaties, the modern Presidents have used with greater frequency

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This conservative American was born in 1850 and began his political career as a member of the Massachusetts state legislature. He then became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and later represented Massachusetts in the U.S Senate where he served until his death in 1924.

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