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James Wilson advocated for direct election of the President during the Continental Convention. Opposed by Thomas Jefferson,  who believed that power should be reserved by the states, Wilson is credited with a compromise that formed what?

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Jonathan Trumbull Sr. was a strong supporter of George Washington and the American Revolution. He was a colonial governor who remained in power after independence was declared. What state was he from?

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If Texas sues Oklahoma over a boundary dispute involving the Red River, the original trial will take place

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Crispus Attucks was the first of five unarmed men who were shot down by British Redcoats in what famous event that led to the American Revolution?

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Sanford Dole played a large role in the annexation of Hawaii by the United States of America in 1898. Which of the following is associated with his influence?

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John Locke witnessed the monarchs, William and Mary deny freedom of worship to Catholics and Protestants outside the Church of England. His critical writings helped guide the Founding Fathers to include Freedom of Religion in which constitutional amendment ?

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Sandra Day O’Connor was often the swing vote during her tenure as a Supreme Court Justice. She developed a test to determine violations of the Establishment Clause. This test was called

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Which war used the new technology and strategies described above?

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Why was the English Bill of Rights a unique document for its time?

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The author of Federalist 10 acknowledged that that nothing could be done to correct the major problem discussed in Federalist 10. The primary solution he proposes is

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