Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Texas Citizen Bee?
The Texas Citizen Bee is a statewide civic education program and competition. Students use an online guide to prepare for a two-part competition.  This year all regional competitions will be held virtually.

Is the competition open to all types of schools?
Yes, all public, private, home school, and parochial schools are welcome to take part.

What grade levels are eligible to participate?
Grades 9-12

Where can I find out details about the regional competition? 
Complete details on the competition can be found in the RULES OF THE COMPETITION.

What do I study for Citizen Bee?
This website contains the content that will be tested with the exception of the current events section. We have provided dates and topics for this section of the competition.

Can I use a PDF study guide from a previous year to study?
No, please destroy all copies of the old PDF guide. The content has been adjusted for 2022.

Who can act as a student’s sponsor?
A teacher, principal, librarian, parent or guardian

How do I register for a regional competition?
Registration for the competition must be completed by a teacher, parent, or guardian.  The sponsor will go to the REGIONAL REGISTRATION CHART to find the google link for your respective region.  Additionally, you will find the regional coordinator’s name and email if you have further questions about the competition.

How many students can one teacher/sponsor register for the regional contest?
Since the regional competitions will be virtual, we have flexibility as to the number of students a sponsor can register.  At this time, the google registration link allows for ten students per sponsor.  If a sponsor wants to register more than ten, please contact the State Citizen Bee Coordinator, Janie Worst at

What do I do if I have trouble registering my student?
Please contact the State Citizen Bee Coordinator at for assistance.

Can I compete this year if I have competed in prior years?
Yes you can!

If I win my Regional Competition what’s next?
The first-place regional winner will advance to the state competition on April 23, 2022.

Who funds the Texas Citizen Bee Competition?
Law Focused Education, Inc. receives funding from the Sumners Foundation to administer the Texas Citizen Bee in Texas. The site is maintained by Law Focused Education, Inc. and the State Bar of Texas Law-Related Education Department.

Who can I contact if I find factual errors in the Texas Citizen Bee Study Guide?
Challenges concerning the accuracy of any material in The Texas Citizen Bee Study Guide must be filed in writing with the State Bar of Texas, Law-Related Education Department by emailing Jan Miller at by February 1st of the year of the competition.