Contacts for Regional Competition and Registration Links

ONLY adult sponsors (Parents, Teachers, Legal Guardians) may complete the registration form. To complete the registration, adult sponsors should click the link for the correct region below to register student(s). If you have questions, please contact the coordinator for your respective region with the email provided.  If you are unsure of the region in which to compete, contact the State Citizen Bee coordinator, Janie Worst at

Region Coordinator/Email Dates of Competition Link to Register
1 JJ Saenz
March 30th  and 31st
2 Ruben Rocha
March 22nd and 23rd
3 Caitlin Riley
April 6th and 7th
4 Ray Balch
April 8th and 9th
5 Tina Capeles
March 1st  and 2nd
6 Preston Balluck
March 24th and 25th
7 James Slaughter
March 25th and 26th
8 Steve Hammons
April 5th and 6th
9 Kathy Harvey
April 21st and 22nd
10 Kelly Bellar
March 3rd and 4th
11 Crystal Klose
March 23rd and 24th
12 Jessica Torres
March 30th and 31st
13 Betsy Gonzales
April 13th and 14th
14 Mel Hailey
March 17th and 18th


Jerry Perry
April 19th and 20th
16 Jim Calvi
March 8th and 9th


Sabrina Blankenship
April 19th and 20th
18 Janie Worst
March 22nd and 23rd
19 Alejandra Hobbs
March 26th and 29th
20 Bret Bunker
March 15th and 16th