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Magna Carta (1215)
Mayflower Compact (1620)
Petition of Right (1628)
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641)
Leviathan (1651)
English Bill of Rights (1689)
Second Treatise of Civil Government (1689)
The Spirit of the Laws (1748)
Albany Plan of the Union (1754)
“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” (1775)
Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769)
Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767 – 1768)
Common Sense (1776)
Lee Resolution (1776)
Declaration of Independence (1776)
The American Crisis (1776-1783)
Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776)
Articles of Confederation (1781)
Annapolis Convention Proceedings (1786)
Constitutional Convention (1787)
Northwest Ordinance (1787)
Federalist No. 10 (1787)
Federalist No. 51 (1788)
Federalist No. 70 (1788)
Brutus Essays
Preamble (1787)
Ancient Republics
Connecticut Compromise (or Great Compromise)
New Jersey Plan
Virginia Plan
Article I: Definition (1787)
Article I, section 7: A Bill Becomes Law
Article I, Section 8: Powers of Congress
Article I, Section 8: The Commerce Clause
Article I, Section 8: Patents and Copyrights
Article I, Section 8: Necessary and Proper Clause
Article I, Section 9: Limitations on Congress
Article I, Section 9: Habeas Corpus
Article I, Section 10: Limitations on States
Article I, section 2: House of Representatives
Article I, section 3: The Senate
Article II: Definition (1787)
Article II, Section 1: Election of the President (1787)
Article II, Section 1: The Oath of Office
Article II, Section 2: Treaty Making
Article II, Section 3: Take Care Clause
Article II, Section 2: President as Commander in Chief
Article II, Section 2: Other Powers of the President
Article II, Section 3: Duties of the President
Article II, Section 4: Executive Impeachment
Article III: Definition (1787)
Article III, Section 1: The Court System
Article III, Section 2: Judicial Power
Article III, Section 3: Treason
Article IV, Section 1: Full Faith and Credit Clause
Article IV, Section 2: Privileges and Immunities Clause
Article IV, Section 2: States and Fugitives
Article IV, Section 3: New States
Article IV, Section 4: Republican State Governments
Article V: Amending the Constitution
Article VI: The Supremacy Clause
Article VI: No Religious Test
First Amendment: General
First Amendment: the Establishment Clause (1791)
First Amendment: Free Exercise Clause (1791)
First Amendment: Freedom of Speech (1791)
First Amendment: Freedom of the Press (1791)
First Amendment: Freedom of Assembly (1791)
First Amendment: Freedom of Petition (1791)
Second Amendment (1791)
Third Amendment (1791)
Fourth Amendment: (1791)
Fifth Amendment: General
Fifth Amendment: Right Against Self-Incrimination (1791)
Fifth Amendment: Double Jeopardy (1791)
Fifth Amendment: Grand Juries (1791)
Fifth Amendment: Due Process
Fifth Amendment: Just Compensation (1791)
Sixth Amendment: Right to Counsel (1791)
Sixth Amendment: Speedy Trial by an Impartial Jury (1791)
Seventh Amendment (1791)
Eighth Amendment (1791)
Ninth Amendment (1791)
Tenth Amendment (1791)
Eleventh Amendment (1798)
Twelfth Amendment (1804)
Thirteenth Amendment (1865)
Fourteenth Amendment: General
Fourteenth Amendment: Definition of Citizens (1868)
Fourteenth Amendment: Incorporation (1868)
Fourteenth Amendment: Privileges and Immunities (1868)
Fourteenth Amendment: Due Process (1868)
Fourteenth Amendment: Equal Protection (1868)
Fourteenth Amendment: Sections 2-4 (1868)
Fifteenth Amendment (1870)
Sixteenth Amendment (1913)
Seventeenth Amendment (1913)
Eighteenth Amendment (1919)
Nineteenth Amendment (1920)
Twentieth Amendment (1933)
Twenty-First Amendment (1933)
Twenty-Second Amendment (1951)
Twenty-Third Amendment (1961)
Twenty-Fourth Amendment (1964)
Twenty-Fifth Amendment (1967)
Twenty-Sixth Amendment (1971)
Twenty-Seventh Amendment (1992)
Checks and Balances
Compact Theory
Economic rights
Electoral College
Individual rights
Limited Government
Limits on rights
Majority Rule versus Minority Rights
Natural Rights
Political rights
Popular Sovereignty
Republican Government
Reserved and Concurrent Powers
Rule of Law
Separation of Powers

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