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Great question. Everything in the study guide is in play when you compete. I know it's a lot of information. My best advice to you is break down the information into categories (Supreme Court cases, Historical Figures, etc.), and then make flashcards. Quizlet is a great tool for that. Hope this helps. - Matt
Great question. I know there's a lot of information and its very easy to feel overwhelmed. In my experience, the best method of preparation was flashcards, either electronic or physical. Quizlet is a great tool for this. Drilling and repetition will get you where you want to be. Hope this helps. - Matt
The Texas Citizen Bee is a statewide civic education program and competition. Students use an online guide and phone app to prepare for a two-part competition.
A teacher, principal, librarian, parent or guardian
Yes, all public, private, home school, and parochial schools are welcome to take part.

– The Constitution

– Documents

– People

– Landmark Supreme Court Cases

– Civic Values and Skills

– Current Events
Each teacher/sponsor can register a maximum of three students to the regional competition.